Article of the week 2

I personally believe that Obama was doing a good thing when he broke 3 decades of silence with a call to Iranian President. Its was beneficial to our country, and one less enemy we have to worry about. This is one step closer to world peace in my eyes. There is no reason why any country should stop all communications for 30 years. Nothing can be that serious.Breaking a silence of mo re than three decades between the leaders of the United States and Iran, President Obama on Friday called President Hassan Rouhani to express confidence.

Citation: Richter, Paul, and Christi Parsons. “Obama Breaks Three Decades of Silence with Call to Iranian President.” Los Angeles Times. Los Angeles Times, 27 Sept. 2013. Web. 05 June 2014. <>.

Who are Prometheus & Gaea

In anthem, Equality & Liberty Change their name to Prometheus & Gaea. Prometheus, of Greek mythology, was a Titan, the forerunners of the Greek gods, who stole fire from Zeus gave the fire to humans.

Gaea (also (Gaia) was a Protogenos goddess, one of the original deities connected with the original primeval elements of the universe. Some of these were Earth, Air, Sea, Sky, Fresh Water, Underworld, Darkness, Night, Light, Day, Procreation, and Time. Gaea is the mother of Earth.

In Anthem, Equality 7-2521, was a scientist unrecognized.

Prometheus because, like Equality, he was a light bearer and Gaea because she was known as the mother of all that was new, as Liberty would come to be known.

Citation: “Anthem Questions.” Anthem. N.p., 11 July 2012. Web. 05 June 2014. <>.

Spring Break

I honestly didn’t have a good spring break. April 15th I found out that my uncle had past away after battling lung cancer. That Thursday, we went to Pennsylvania for his funeral. But it wasn’t all bad, I got to see my dad & all my siblings & me and my dad went shopping as an early birthday present.

Article of the week 1

After reading an article called Blast Kills Four Children; Riots Follow Two Youths Slain I could visually see what the Negro community went through. Two Negro youths were killed in outbreaks of shooting seven hours after the 16th Street Baptist Church was bombed, and a third was wounded. This all occurred during time period of segregation. A bomb hurled from a passing car blasted a crowded Negro church today, killing four girls in their Sunday school classes and triggering outbreaks of violence that left two more persons dead in the streets. While reading this article I thought to myself how could those that killed innocent people lived with themselves or even sleep at night.

It is so horrifying to have to worry about the safety of not just yourself but also your entire family. Nobody should have to be judged because of their skin color. Those that were despicable to the Negro community should step into their shoes for a day to see how it feels to be bullied and berated because of THEIR skin color. It is a shame that closed-minded ignorance still exists in the world.

Fahrenheit 451 Round 3 –

I’m currently reading reading Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. For round 2 of our literature circles while reading the book, I had the responsibility of being the group. As part of my job, I found the following information.

“We shall this day light such a candle by god’s grace in England as i trust shall never be put out”

To me, this quote means that we shall put all of our trust in God and believe that he will never give up on us.

Q1: What does this quote mean to you?

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